M1, aka Mutulu Olugbala, is a global force connector using the mic, music production, film, workshops, and lectures to reshape the reality of the masses and redefine revolutionary culture. One half of evolutionary and trendsetting dead prez, their album LET’S GET FREE shook the hip-hop world 15 years ago and still continues to inspire communities to master political education through rhyme. The Brooklyn m.c. sharpened his mastery of political education through rhyme at a time when content and social analysis were a standard in Hip Hop culture.

In 2012, he formed Sound Weapon Global Media and teamed up with Italian musician, producer, and DJ Walter Buonnano to venture into digital and electronic music. Their collaboration led to AP2P (All Power to the People) and an album of the same name. M1 continued his trailblazing with simultaneous releases of dead prez’s INFORMATION AGE and the Gil Scott Heron tribute album M1, BRIAN JACKSON AND THE NEW MIDNIGHT BAND IN EVOLUTIONARY MINDED. Whether working with lyrical giants such as Yaasin Bey, Black Thought, Kanye West, and Nas or an endless list of producers and visionaries, M1 traverses genres and international borders to keep expanding revolutionary culture and soundscapes.


2006:M-1’s first solo album Confidential credited to “Dead Prez Presents M-1″ was released on March 21, 2006 through Sotti/Koch Records.

Following Confidential M-1 worked on the album Can’t Sell Dope Forever by Dead Prez & Outlawz. M-1 is also featured in the UK documentary, Guilty or Innocent of Using the N Word. M-1 is also a political activist for many black and left-wing causes.

2009: In July, M-1 accompanied the Viva Palestina convoy, delivering humanitarian supplies to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

2010: M-1 was featured on Palestinian British rapper Shadia Mansour’s single “Al Kufiyyeh 3arabeyyeh” (“The Kufiyyeh is Arab”).

2011: AP2P – All Power To The People (with Bonnot)

2013: Evolutionary Minded (Furthering the Legacy of Gil Scott-Heron) (with Kentyah, Brian Jackson & The New Midnight Band


2001: Brooklyn Babylon
2006: Guilty or Innocent of Using the N Word as Himself (documentary)
2006: Broken Rhyme as himself (feature film)[7]
2012: Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal as himself (documentary)

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