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M1’s Meditation Series


Free Up your mind to tap into your inner truth. Free Up your heart to flow with ease and grace. Free Up your soul to guide you with fearlessness and joy.

JLove & M1 Productions presents a groundbreaking, earth-shifting, pretense-shattering meditation series created and led by Mutulu Olugbala aka M1, and produced by JLove Calderón. Each meditation offers a powerful relaxation and release, activating dormant frequencies within your being to be harnessed as a creative force in your life.

M1’s voice transmits powerful energetic waves and rides along the music’s delicate harmonies to take you on a journey of Self-realization. Each journey is tailored to awaken specific energies residing within your core. Whether listened to together as a unit or as separate pieces, these meditations offer a deeper, fuller, and freer connection to your true Self.

Free Up allows you to step into the next level of your expansion and power with revolutionary mindfulness practices. Set within a unique framework of justice and liberation, Free Up is designed to powerfully shift individual and collective consciousness to radiate brightly on a vibration of love and oneness.

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